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my favorite thing is when steve hides full body behind the shield



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Why is femslash the smallest genre in the world of fanfiction? Why is femslash the most underrepresented relationship type by a sizeable margin? More importantly, why is it that almost all femslash writers are queer women? Male slash pairings are written by straight women, queer women, and even some men (I say “even” because men are rarer than a two dollar bill in the world of fanfiction) and they’re read by a mostly female audience. Femslash has a completely different ideology, because it’s almost exclusively written and consumed by the community it portrays. Unlike a straight girl writing about two boys having sex (and I guarantee that they’re two conventionally attractive white boys whose female love interests have been deemed either worthy of death or asexual by the fandom), femslash is written by those whose identities and personal narratives are reflected in the stories themselves. Maybe the writer of that erotic scene hasn’t had sex with a girl yet, but damn, she has thought about it a lot. That queer author writes two girls falling in love even if they’re straight in the original work because two girls falling in love means something to her and to so many people like her, and it’s important that she sees herself in a piece of media whose canon forgets she exists. One of the great frustrations of LGBTQ media is the fact that so little of our representations end up coming from LGBTQ-identified creators, and thus we see inaccurate portrayals with limited diversity. Femslash exists because we were sick of being told we didn’t exist, so we wrote ourselves into their stories.
excerpt from a very long piece I’ve been working on for autostraddle about femslash and why there’s so little of it (and why we need to make more of it NOW)

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For craigshaws ♥ I hope you like it

Student nerdy-Charles and student bad-boy Erik :)

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Aieeeeeee perfect and adorable <3

Summary says it all: Basically an excuse to have Steve/every character ever played by Sebastian Stan ever, and Bucky/every character played by Chris Evans ever.

That’s the problem with putting others first; you’ve taught them you come second.
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and no one even knew it was really only you


when you walk away, nothing more to say
see the lightning in your eyes, see them running for their lives


is there a hero somewhere, someone who appears
and saves the day? someone who holds out a hand
and turns back time? (X)


bucky noticing in all of these gossip magazines he sees in the grocery store that every week it seems that the media is under the assumption steve is dating someone and it’s always someone completely different week after week with an alleged story that completely skews reality

so he throws down one of the magazines one day to steve
"you didn’t tell me you were dating tony stark you cheating sonnuva gun”

and steve looks at the magazine and then back up at bucky and cracks a wry smug smile
clearly we’re compatible, buck. capitalists with stacks of money, they sure caught me red handed.”

so bucky and steve go out that evening and be as couple-esque as possible with one another just to see if they can make headlines and sure enough the next week there’s a picture of bucky with his metal hand casually slipped in steve’s back ass pocket